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We understand what it feels like to be smart, hard-working, and yet still feel stuck when it comes to your money.

You spend long hours working, yet still can't seem to make headway on your debt. Your student loan balance doesn't move. Another unexpected expense comes this month, derailing your efforts to "get back on track." Every conversation with your spouse around money ends with someone frustrated. We get it. We've been there!

But since you're here right now, something tells me you're tired of living paycheck to paycheck and you're ready to make serious change in your life.

But maybe you...

  • Have no clue where to start in overcoming your debt
  • Need help building a budget that's in alignment with your goals, but doesn't feel like sacrifice
  • Feel isolated. You wish you had someone to help you stay on track and keep you accountable to living YOUR best life

No matter where you are in your financial journey you want your life to have MORE time and money freedom

You want to stop worrying about the next unexpected expense.

You want to feel secure and positive about your financial future.

You're READY to achieve some big financial goals.

But you just don't know how to make that happen. You feel stuck.

Trust me when I tell you this, we've been there.

Around here, we have a few rules that define our life:

  • We believe financial freedom isn't only for the wealthy. It's for us too.
  • We believe nobody should have to pay $1000's of hard earned dollars in interest to creditors
  • We believe in valuing experiences over things
  • We believe you deserve to feel secure with your money. And we're determined to give you the tools to make those feelings a constant existence.
  • And if we're being honest, we believe talking about money with your spouse can be fun and even bring you two closer together.

All in all, you deserve to SMILE when you think about money...and we're here to help you make that happen!

That's us

We're Matt & Alli Owen and we're OBSESSED with teaching and coaching regular humans how to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom!

How did this become our lives? 

Well, in 2015, we were both working as engineers in Bakersfield, California. We were about a year out of college and became disillusioned with the idea of working behind a desk for the next 44+ years.

Throw the pity party. 

So, we started researching ways to retire early and discovered the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement. After months of obsessive blog and book reading, we made our plan: we'd retire in 10 years (and never work again.)

Optimizing our expenses rapidly became our obsession.

Between house-hacking, insourcing, and saving like crazy, we ramped up our savings rate to 70% of our incomes. We were on track for early retirement by age 35!

*Cue Plot Twist*

Our mental health was suffering being in jobs that didn't connect to our purpose. As the savings cushion grew larger, so did our self-confidence. We'd started two businesses in our last year of work that were showing serious potential, so we decided to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship as of April  2018, trusting that we'd make up for the lost few years of income along the way.

Soon after leaving our jobs, we hit the road in our big red campervan, traveling 10,000 miles in 4 months.

Crazy, right?

Well now we want to help you align your finances to your values so should a *plot twist* come up, you'll be ready, prepared, and able to take the leap.

Through online courses, free YouTube videos, a blog, and more, we help smart, hard-working people LIKE YOU, align their finances to their values.

If you're interested, we specialize in topics like healthy habits around money, decreasing expenses in unexpected ways, projecting your freedom date, and realistic budget creation.

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You'll also get invitations to any free, live workshops we host online (pajama pants welcome).

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One last thing, thank you for being here. We genuinely appreciate it...and you.

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"Sitting down and reviewing my budget and retirement accounts with the help of Matt and Alli gave me a sense of empowerment regarding my future. For that, I am very grateful. "

-Donna, 56

"They taught me how to use a budget, how to watch where my money goes each month, how to pay down debt quicker and how to live a quality lifestyle while also becoming more financially secure. "

-Nick, 28

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