Module 4-2: Homework - Own Your Debt

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Sarah Stark
Sarah Stark
1 year ago

Hi guys! Love your ideas here. I recently (this year) sold a car that I was still making payments on, and got a hand me down (read: free!) car from my father-in-law. I did have to put some initial $$ in to the car, but I think it will pay off in the end and I spent significantly less than what my loan pay-off was or what I could have gotten the car for if I was purchasing from someone else. We also moved to a much less expensive area (we were living in the Boston area prior) and are… Read more »

Sarah Stark
Sarah Stark
1 year ago

Thanks Alli! Honestly, I’m a bit older and don’t have the luxury of time 🎅🏼

The suggested rental price was pretty low, BUT there are a few big ticket event weekends here for Dartmouth College that I think would allow us to get more bang for our buck.

I haven’t forgot about scheduling our phone call – I think after the holidays at this point! 😬